Recently I discovered that Psalm one follows the fractal of 10. The fractal of ten, the living fractal of ten, is also what gives a framework to the Chay prayer. The fractal of ten is made up of two fractals of 5 and a fractal of 2. The fractal of ten has a female and a male pattern (fractal of 2). Each side left or right (fractal of 2) contains the fractal of 5. The fractal of 5 is Time, Land, Community, Birthright, and Offices, but it manifests in this other expression too that make part of our being: Spirit, Heart, Body, Mind, and Soul. I find it beautiful when a pattern like this one can be overlayed on scripture because it can give us more insight into what is happening when we are praying at each dimension. After reading Psalms 1 following the Chay pattern or the fractal of 10 we can see the purpose of it and the blessing that it can bring to our lives. 


Psa 1:1  Blessed is the man /  who walks not in the counsel of the wicked,/ nor stands in the way of sinners,/ nor sits in the seat of scoffers; 
Psa 1:2  but his delight is in the law of the LORD,/ and on his law he meditates day and night. 
Psa 1:3  He is like a tree planted/ by streams of water /that yields its fruit in its season,/ and its leaf does not wither. /In all that he does, he prospers

 (The words in bold above are the keys that match with the Chay Prayer - see the free prayer diagram here:


Our human spirit breathes the breath of life. We inhale and exhale air in our physical bodies. Our spiritual bodies all need the breath of life.

A reader of our book Ten Words that Will Change your Chay recently noted that her spirit was hungry for breath. She said she knew about the spirit as light. She had been listening to Arthur Burk’s presentation of the spirit as light. She quoted, “ Your spirit is light and receives the light of the Father as you look into His face.” Then she continued and wrote, “Rodrigo and Daniela minister to the spirit as breath of life which it is – ‘Ruach/pneuma’ is wind. I felt I have been very hungry for this presentation.” 

Our reader’s comments opened for me a new plane of exploration and applications about breath. Her words seemed to expand the revelation in a horizontal sense, giving to the Chay revelation more BREADTH (yes with a D, as in dimension). I wondered too if she had a second day of creation anointing by opening a new area of application for the Chay revelation. Note that the second day there was an expanse between the waters, for life to exist. There was oxygen! Breath! In this new span.

The fractal of two is a self-repeating pattern associated with a sequence of receiving and then of giving. It manifests in different ways such as structure and then content. Or making a clay vessel and then using it to serve water. This sequence is found in a life-giving process as when the earth receives a seed and then it grows into a plant that gives fruit. In inner healing, this sequence is used as a template to find trauma issues by overlapping the left and right sides of the body with mother and father respectively. Being the left part aligned with intimacy, the first part of the sequence, and dominion, the second part of the sequence with the right side of the body.

There are plenty of lists of this sequence in scriptures, of which I don’t remember any of them right away, except for the idea of being a bride and being sons. Nevertheless, the one sequence I would like to share about is one that I value highly. I believe that the bread and wine of communion also make part of the receiving and giving sequence called the fractal of two.

Is talking about spirituality and energy as related things good? Surely it is. When Jesus spoke about fish, trees, stones, wheat, and fruit to cite some examples he was talking to an audience whose work and income depended on fishing and agriculture. Today technology is the new landscape where we spend much of our time. Yes it is now natural to express spiritual dynamics in terms of energy, just as it was the best thing to use back then nature to express spiritual truths. We not only live in a world that is energy thirsty and energy addict, but energy itself makes this world as we now understand from the latest science. 

It is of extreme importance to learn about left and right energy as gender issues are a topic that is even discussed at very high levels of world governance. Man needs both sets of energy to be fruitful in life. They are steadily built and nurtured by our parents and our environment. In the measure, we establish laws to undermine the subtilities of each, the closer we walk into the stagnation of the life of God in our landscape. These two types of energy work together, and in a life-giving nation, they will both be resonating with the right gender setup, but also and mostly more important they will make a difference when we have this energy balance within ourselves. 





Have you heard about Incubus and Succubus? They are spiritual entities connected to sexual iniquities, curses, and sin. Then there is a lesser-known entity called Inquisivus which is a spirit that comes into the body as the human spirit is entering it during conception when the egg is being fertilized. This spirit enters at the conception time of a human. Its appearance is simply brown or black-colored smoke (could be other colors). The Inquisivus spirit is connected to the sins of the parents right before the child is conceived.  To deal with it once the person is born it is necessary to deal with gender issues with the father and mother. Depending on how the deliverance develops feminism and male chauvinism may be dealt with before Inquisivus is expelled out of the body.

The dimension of Yatsar will help find these types of issues that have affected your entrance to this world and the way you felt during your stay in the womb. Your human spirit might show you the issues right at preconception and conception. Then if you are led you can ask if there is an Inquisivus demon. If yes you need to ask again your human spirit to give you insight into what happened at that time. Stay in Yatsar until you feel it has been completely clean.


Inquisivus Spirit

Job 4:18 - 19 If God puts no trust in His servants,

and He charges His angels with error, how much

more those who dwell in houses of clay, …


Warren Marcus, Author, Filmmaker, TV Producer and Speaker and ordained Messianic Jewish Minister was recently interviewed by Sid Roth on his program It's Supernatural! & Messianic VisionThe following commentary on his supernatural experience described by Warren Marcus brought my atention, "And it was like a breath came to me. And it says in Genesis that Yehovah God, it's the father who knelt over Adam, who was clay, breathed into his nostrils. And when he breathed, Adam came to life. Oh, I felt this life come into me, this incredible thing. And I said, I don't want to ever lose that sense of that. I don't want to lose this."

Immediately he mentioned this I knew what had happened in the spirit realm. Happened what happens when the 10 Chay dimensions of your life are restored!

Then Sid Roth asked him, "What does this mean to you? What difference did it make in your life?"

A person doing the Chay meditation saw with her spiritual eyes a beautiful house covered inside with wood, but hardly any windows to the outside. The antique and old furniture within the house also gave a clue that something was not spiritually aligned in this place. Nevertheless, the area felt safe, and intimacy and worship to God were evident in the house. We asked the person's spirit to try to go out of the house in a one-on-one session to walk around this spiritual dimension. Her wind spinner, the Chay Pinwheel, wasn't on the cliff. So that meant there wasn't any device to breathe the living breath of God. Evidently, the form and things of the house in the Aph dimension were manifesting a codependence with family tradition.

The Pinwheel structure was found hidden in a storage room in the house. A wall was opened with a golden pillory, and 10 angels helped to carry it out and setting it on the cliff. The breath of life was re-established in the area once the Pinwheel was in its place.

The house in the heart had more walls than windows and was more based on fear than on freedom. We renounced the idea that the heart is deceitful and prayed to accept that the heart is a beautiful place. The wrong belief was that our own heart is not trustworthy and that we could not follow what it pleased to it.

Arthur Burk has many things to write and say. He loves design, especially when it comes to words.  For me, he is a content creator and an influencer, but for most, he is a teacher, a prophet, and for some, an apostle. Arthur Burk considers himself a businessman, and he is. He has a very well-planned business called Sapphire Leadership Group (SLG). People who buy his albums, read his articles, follow his posts, and view his live streams also ask many questions. Thankfully Arthur, if he hasn't an answer, he will have something witty to say. He covers so many subjects on one single album and has so many CDs on each album, and so many albums that you won't have the time to hear all of it unless you have been walking with him for a couple of years. He is a fruitful lecturer whose word factory doesn't wear out – he cares for his SLG tribe as a traditional pastor bringing inner healing tools and critical perspectives about the spiritual climate of the time or even of the land from where he is streaming.

Our spiritual heart breathes from a four-arm structure that spins within it, like the four-arm Pinwheel spiral galaxy. The vital energy of life is a four-arm spiral that brings all the resources that our spiritual being needs.

The Jewish Bible has four books that speak about four winds that seem to act together, “…I saw in my vision by night, and behold, the four winds of heaven were stirring up the great sea.”  Daniel 7:2. These four winds stirring up the sea, evidently to keep their flow and power without annulling each other, create a vortex-like swirl. The four winds in the book of Ezekiel bring life to an army of dead bones.  Ezekiel 37:9, “Then said he unto me, Prophesy unto the wind, prophesy, son of man, and say to the wind, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live.”

There is a pattern of four elements connected to winds in the spiritual realm. Spiritual breath also works within this pattern of four things.  There are four types of breaths that a person can depend on: The breath of God, the breath of man, the breath of the world, and the breath of evil. These four breaths infuse our thoughts and emotions. They manifest as codependent relationships and maybe a narcissistic personality.



We never thought that Hebrew words found in the Torah could literally be portals to spiritual places. Even less did we know that our mental faculties could receive feedback from our human spirits when they would resonate with these dimensional places. Hebrew words are like fractal shapes that connect us to unknown worlds. They are the real sacred geometry that truly become instruments for experiencing life's living source, also known as life's source energy.

 Did we make up the idea that the heart needs air to breathe? Certainly not. The proof? One year after the Chay Prayer was received, we discover more details about the connection between breath and heart in the New Testament.  

The Chay Prayer revelation has one essential goal: to recover the needed breath of life in our heart to walk with our fundamental identity with the necessary courage. This idea was new to us in 2020  when the entire planet was dealing with the issue of breath, fear, and lockdowns. This revelation developed during this time, and today we are still confirming bits and pieces of it.

An excellent example of how breath affects the heart is found in Mathew 24:12, "And because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will become cold." NASB.

The fall of Jericho manifests spiral shape archetypes through the whole week that the Israelites encompassed the city. This is relevant to the Chay deliverance since one of the major themes of the model is to recover a four-arm wind spinner called the Chay Pinwheel. The shape of each arm and function of this Pinwheel points to the fact that it either receives or produces a spiraling breeze of breath in the spiritual heart. People who have recovered their Pinwheel and had the breath (Neshamah) of Life (Chay) infused by God have experienced an instant increase in physical energy level. Similar to what happens with water that has gone through a vortex which builds a greater capacity to receive negative ions. As our life becomes structured by the Breath of Life, our spirit grows, and negative things that before were attached to it will fall apart much faster. The Pinwheel spiral will also help maintain a more balanced state just as the spinning of a wheel helps keep the right balance.

So the following display the several cases where spirals are being created during the conquest of Jericho.

The Chay Prayer has a design that is similar to the conquest pattern that Israel made as they went into their promise land. The journey that the Israelites went from the crossing of the Jordan to the Fall of Jericho outlines the different steps in the Chay Prayer deliverance. The following is an outline of the first ten things that the Israelites did when they crossed the Jordan River. You will see they also match the 10 things the Chay Prayer model does to walk in your birthright.  

The Chay Prayer has for objective to recover the helical movement of energy (breath of life) through a four-armed spinner that brings wholeness to human life.

We know our heart pumps blood, but one of its basic functions is to send out oxygen all over our being. So it is with our spiritual heart that pumps living air into our spiritual being. Just as humanity in Adam became alive when he received air from God.

One of the most unexplored places might be your heart. And it has some surprises to reveal. One of them is its ability to breathe spiritual life on its own. Most people have lost this capacity to directly receive life from their heart, but a breath from other sources that are not theirs. The good news is that you can check this for yourself and recover the breath of life that you might be missing in order to go to the next level of spiritual success.

Our spiritual heart has a four-colored pump, an existent wind spinner that creates a spiraling breeze of air that will energize your spirit and everything in you like never before. You, your spirit, and all your being will suddenly be nurtured by a new current of abundance, spirituality, and life deep within in places you didn't know existed in you.


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Meditating and praying will never be so effective as when you follow the genesis chay pattern. Come and let your spirit guide you into your heart.

The chay prayer covers 10 dimensions of our life. Your spirit will help you survey the condition of these places. Through meditation and prayer you will be able to work and access things like:

-Basic notions of your formation during conception and issues at the womb

-Help your mind build hope for the future

-See your perception towards your body, and experience your substance.

-Create grounding feelings, anchoring our love within.

-Expanding our welcoming space within and nurturing it with principles of the universe.

Six areas well-assembled will help you enter a 7th dimension where your spiritual heart is and find the right balance for lasting peace inside. This in turn with your identity in place on the 8th chamber will let you move forward into your inheritance with strength, direction, and fulfillment! Praying into your Chay life through all its ten doors will uncover new and beautiful things that will make you a complete and coercive person. Yes, of course, given you clean up the house and open your arms to the new things God has for you through his living breath.

Learn more at http://Chay.Life/pray


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The following diagram shows a step-by-step process to clean and remove trauma memories from the body. Trauma can be stored in all body systems. Part of healing trauma wounds is to also clean stored memories in the body. The diagram below will help with the cleaning process.

The process requires knowing how to communicate with your own spirit man, the human spirit, or inner self. You can learn more about how to ask questions to your human spirit in the training course "Working with the Human Spirit in Inner Healing." You will also have exercise examples on how to develop your spirit. Click here to download the course syllabus.