The fall of Jericho manifests spiral shape archetypes through the whole week that the Israelites encompassed the city. This is relevant to the Chay deliverance since one of the major themes of the model is to recover a four-arm wind spinner called the Chay Pinwheel. The shape of each arm and function of this Pinwheel points to the fact that it either receives or produces a spiraling breeze of breath in the spiritual heart. People who have recovered their Pinwheel and had the breath (Neshamah) of Life (Chay) infused by God have experienced an instant increase in physical energy level. Similar to what happens with water that has gone through a vortex which builds a greater capacity to receive negative ions. As our life becomes structured by the Breath of Life, our spirit grows, and negative things that before were attached to it will fall apart much faster. The Pinwheel spiral will also help maintain a more balanced state just as the spinning of a wheel helps keep the right balance.

So the following display the several cases where spirals are being created during the conquest of Jericho.

The Chay Prayer has a design that is similar to the conquest pattern that Israel made as they went into their promise land. The journey that the Israelites went from the crossing of the Jordan to the Fall of Jericho outlines the different steps in the Chay Prayer deliverance. The following is an outline of the first ten things that the Israelites did when they crossed the Jordan River. You will see they also match the 10 things the Chay Prayer model does to walk in your birthright.  

The Chay Prayer has for objective to recover the helical movement of energy (breath of life) through a four-armed spinner that brings wholeness to human life.

We know our heart pumps blood, but one of its basic functions is to send out oxygen all over our being. So it is with our spiritual heart that pumps living air into our spiritual being. Just as humanity in Adam became alive when he received air from God.

One of the most unexplored places might be your heart. And it has some surprises to reveal. One of them is its ability to breathe spiritual life on its own. Most people have lost this capacity to directly receive life from their heart, but a breath from other sources that are not theirs. The good news is that you can check this for yourself and recover the breath of life that you might be missing in order to go to the next level of spiritual success.

Our spiritual heart has a four-colored pump, an existent wind spinner that creates a spiraling breeze of air that will energize your spirit and everything in you like never before. You, your spirit, and all your being will suddenly be nurtured by a new current of abundance, spirituality, and life deep within in places you didn't know existed in you.

Meditating and praying will never be so effective as when you follow the genesis chay pattern. Come and let your spirit guide you into your heart.

The chay prayer covers 10 dimensions of our life. Your spirit will help you survey the condition of these places. Through meditation and prayer you will be able to work and access things like:

-Basic notions of your formation during conception and issues at the womb

-Help your mind build hope for the future

-See your perception towards your body, and experience your substance.

-Create grounding feelings, anchoring our love within.

-Expanding our welcoming space within and nurturing it with principles of the universe.

Six areas well-assembled will help you enter a 7th dimension where your spiritual heart is and find the right balance for lasting peace inside. This in turn with your identity in place on the 8th chamber will let you move forward into your inheritance with strength, direction, and fulfillment! Praying into your Chay life through all its ten doors will uncover new and beautiful things that will make you a complete and coercive person. Yes, of course, given you clean up the house and open your arms to the new things God has for you through his living breath.

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The following diagram shows a step-by-step process to clean and remove trauma memories from the body. Trauma can be stored in all body systems. Part of healing trauma wounds is to also clean stored memories in the body. The diagram below will help with the cleaning process.

The process requires knowing how to communicate with your own spirit man, the human spirit, or inner self. You can learn more about how to ask questions to your human spirit in the training course "Working with the Human Spirit in Inner Healing." You will also have exercise examples on how to develop your spirit. Click here to download the course syllabus.