The Chay revelation is about helping you check for yourself if life has all the necessary conditions in you to express itself through you. It is a series of patterns that help you evaluate if your inner man structures and contents are working well. Just like an astronaut gets routine checks to see if his body is healthy enough to tolerate a space trip so does Chay help us in our life's journey. The Chay meditation process will help you see if you have the right peace, alignment, movement, flow, balance, strength, brightness, and resources to face your destiny in this world and beyond.

God has given a series of designs and patterns to find in inner areas of the human existence that can be assessed, interpreted, changed and restored for good. These patterns help find hidden things that could hinder further success in living an abundant life. The cleansing and restoration of these will give us a structure that will let life flow as it should be within us.

The Chay meditation inquiry covers the breadth, length, depth, height, and heart of our being. This will prepare us to “comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that we may be filled with all the fullness of God.” (Eph 3:19) I believe that in a corporative gathering if everyone has their Chay dimensions cleansed and aligned they will be able to walk as One Man in all agreement with God.

How can you use Chay as a tool to check your own self?

It’s a very simple tool, though the patterns explored can reveal very intricate things about yourself. You begin by engaging with different Hebrew words from the scripture in Genesis that says how God created humanity (Gn 2:7). There are 10 doors you walk through with your spirit. Each door is accessed through one of the Hebrew words as they are spelled out or listened to by your spirit. The doors will be opened and the place inside will be fully revealed as you submit to the Lord things that are out of place on each of these spiritual places that are part of your personal life. You will encounter fake structures, trap doors and blockages that the Holy Spirit will highlight your spirit. Your spirit will provide through images, feelings, or thoughts what needs to be submitted to the Lord such as iniquities, beliefs, or wrong agreements you have made with yourself that you were not aware of.

What is so surprising about this tool is that it lets you access the realm of the heart.

There is a heavenly realm (or dimension with a portal) inside of you called Aph that works like your physical lung and heart. This spiritual place provides air and water for all your being. Most people don’t have what is necessary functioning in here for them to experience an abundant and peaceful life. Often people are connected to different breaths other than the true Breath of Life such as news, the world, or to other people.  The Chay prayer helps unblock one dimension at a time so that people can connect back to the breath that comes from God. 

Genesis 2.7 talks about the living breath of God when God created Adam. But this doesn’t mean it's something that happened only in the past. It is happening continually today. It is an eternal life-giving process that the heart is prepared and made to receive (some understand this as Chi, Prana or vital energy). Going into your Aph will help you recover what is needed to be able to recover this breath of life. Your spirit will thrive in this breath and your whole being will be strengthened by it. It can be a life-changing experience. When the Breath of Life flows again in the heart many things in our being begin working much better than before just as oxygen would do in our bloodstream. But wait there is a trick to this. The spiritual device that captures this breath - a pinwheel-like object, is usually broken, blocked, or out of sight. So it needs to be restored through cleansing prayers, breaking agreements, and submitting to God what your spirit shows you.  

In concrete how can the Chay revelation help the Ekklesia worldwide?

I will give some quick facts that will help also have an overall view (they are not placed in the order of importance):


  • "Chasing the newest thing” or "jumping from one community to another". Why? Because once the receptor of the breath of life is installed back in the spiritual realm of the heart/lung a person begins breathing on their own. This makes them less dependent for the wrong reasons on other people and ministries.  


  • It helps have sustained growth in one's life and in a community of believers as the channels of each one to receive and give are opened accordingly. 


  • It restores our place of rest within us where we can meet Yeshua. 


  • Helps check the access to our “secret place” where we find refuge in the Father.


  • The process to recover Left and right energy (feminine and masculine energy) begins as you do the restoration prayers.


  • Your spirit grows so it is harder for your soul to keep patterns that are not aligned to our spirit.


  • The Chay prayer is an excellent tool to check if everyone is doing ok to move on into new life challenges.


  • The Chay prayer model helps people get practice listening from their spirit to things that are within them.


  • You can use it as a tool to find hidden lies in the subconscious or undesired programming in the unconscious of the mind.


  • The Chay prayer model is an overall strategy to recover the well-being of our spiritual heart/lung.


  • It comes also with intricate patterns that help us understand many principles found in scriptures but also those that affect our inner being.


  • Each Chay dimension has a principle to teach, that is widely found in scriptures. 


  • And last but not least if you know about energetic structures let me tell you that the Chay patterns respond to various Hebrew fractal patterns such as the fractal of 2, 4, and 5.