The fall of Jericho manifests spiral shape archetypes through the whole week that the Israelites encompassed the city. This is relevant to the Chay deliverance since one of the major themes of the model is to recover a four-arm wind spinner called the Chay Pinwheel. The shape of each arm and function of this Pinwheel points to the fact that it either receives or produces a spiraling breeze of breath in the spiritual heart. People who have recovered their Pinwheel and had the breath (Neshamah) of Life (Chay) infused by God have experienced an instant increase in physical energy level. Similar to what happens with water that has gone through a vortex which builds a greater capacity to receive negative ions. As our life becomes structured by the Breath of Life, our spirit grows, and negative things that before were attached to it will fall apart much faster. The Pinwheel spiral will also help maintain a more balanced state just as the spinning of a wheel helps keep the right balance.

So the following display the several cases where spirals are being created during the conquest of Jericho.

“Now Jericho was straitly shut up because of the children of Israel: none went out, and none came in.” Joshua 6:1. No went in and no one went out sounds to me as a closed spiritual portal. Our heart is like a portal that is very hard to enter but is a key place to heal in order to step into our promised land.

“And the LORD said to Joshua, “See, I have given Jericho into your hand, with its king and mighty men of valor. You shall march around the city, all the men of war going around the city once. Thus shall you do for six days.” Joshua 2:3. The Lord tells Joshua to “See”; this may imply to see in the spirit. God was giving them direction and the ability to open the portal.

This portal was going to be opened with a power that was going to come essentially from spiral shapes. Let’s see the spirals found in the narrative.  

Spiral 1: “And ye shall compass the city, all ye men of war, and go round about the city once. Thus shalt thou do six days. ” Joshua 6:3. The root word for compass which means to revolve and surround comes from the word to turn. In Paleo Hebrew, this root word has two letters S and B. They form the picture of a thorn representing a turning, and the pictograph of a tent or what is inside. Combined these mean "turning of the inside".

Spiral 2: The next word to go around is one for tying a rope. As the army went around the city every day for six days they were symbolically binding it closer and closer as one ties a rope and tries to get it nearest to its center axis. The word for six is a double Sh sound recalling the helical movement around a single axis.

Spiral 3: “And seven priests shall bear before the ark seven trumpets of rams' horns…” Jos 6:4. The root word for trumpet is connected to the concept of bright and beautiful sound. This in turn is related to being cheerful. Trumpets and festivals are also connected to the fact they brought joy and dancing. The Hebrew root word for joy and rejoice, though not used in the Joshua text is worthy to note. It is made up of two letters that make the SS word. It represents the turning and twisting flight of the moth and the dancing in circles. It is interesting to note that they had to blow their cheerful trumpets for six days which also has the double S sound.

The most interesting part of the trumpets is perhaps their beautiful spiral shape. The order Joshua received was to use seven ram horn trumpets that are naturally spiral or helical in nature.  


Spiral 4: The word for ram yôbêl (yo-bale) Strong H3104 has a root word meaning to flow in the sense of producing a continuous sound. Interestingly enough water has a natural helical flow. The word for flowing away in the bible and the ram horn share the same root word. Isn’t this telling us about the spiral pattern of everything that flows?

The word for ram in Paleo Hebrew is written with a pictograph of a staff and a house. The root word for the heart has the same letters only in the inverse sense. It is a pictograph of a house and then of a staff. Heart means “authority inside” in Paleo Hebrew. So the inverse would give a complementary sense or an opposite sense. Since the word for ram is connected with the root word flow, the opposite sense to the heart would mean a flow of things out of the heart. This play of letters and opposite movements reminds of the heart which has a clockwise and counterclockwise circulation in its helical shape producing a blood vortex within.

Spiral 5: Finally the following spiral is connected to the circling they were doing each day. On the last and seventh day, they walked around Jericho seven times. If we would graph this on a map where time is a constant we would see how the circle got either smaller or accelerated. In a way, the revolving around got more tight or firm around Jericho. This day they also blew the trumpet seven times. By the way to blow here comes from a similar word to pitch a tent, as in setting a pole. Blowing the trumpets was about anchoring their conquest. At the seventh turn, they were to shout. The word for shout here is rûa‛ (roo-ah') which sounds similar to the word for spirit, but it doesn’t share the same root word. This word from Strong H7321 ends with the Gimel letter that looks like two twisted snakes.

Though a different word from shout, the word for spirit in Hebrew is ruach, which in many other languages is connected to the word spiral. An interesting thing is that spirit and spiral share their first four letters (spir). In some cases, they have the same word etymology.

The fall of Jericho as we did see is closely connected to making spirals with their movements around the city blowing the spiral-shaped horns.  

Another spiral that is conveyed through the Hebrew language is through the word rear guard. The army of the Israelites was before the priests who blew the trumpets and also behind following the Ark of the Alliance. The word for rear guard, 'âsaph, Strong H622, in Hebrew, is often translated as gather or assembled. Its pictograph in Paleo Hebrew is a picture of a thorn representing a turning, and a picture of a mouth. Combined these mean "turning mouth". So there you see another instance of a spiral in the conquest of Jericho.

You might be asking why were the priests in charge of blowing the trumpets? The word for priests in its pictographic form stands for a palm opening a seed. The priests were trying to open up Jericho as a spiritual portal.

Jericho represents the human heart when it is in lockdown mode or doesn’t have life within. Nevertheless, Jericho needed to be destroyed to save the most precious thing in it which was the life of Rahab the earthly ancestor of Yeshua the Messiah.

The spiraling living breath of God has the capacity to bring fresh air into our hearts, strength, and abundance of life. When the spiraling breath of God is not in our heart it may look like Jericho with thick impenetrable walls. The Chay Pinwheel will help keep our inner land be opened with life.