Have you heard about Incubus and Succubus? They are spiritual entities connected to sexual iniquities, curses, and sin. Then there is a lesser-known entity called Inquisivus which is a spirit that comes into the body as the human spirit is entering it during conception when the egg is being fertilized. This spirit enters at the conception time of a human. Its appearance is simply brown or black-colored smoke (could be other colors). The Inquisivus spirit is connected to the sins of the parents right before the child is conceived.  To deal with it once the person is born it is necessary to deal with gender issues with the father and mother. Depending on how the deliverance develops feminism and male chauvinism may be dealt with before Inquisivus is expelled out of the body.

The dimension of Yatsar will help find these types of issues that have affected your entrance to this world and the way you felt during your stay in the womb. Your human spirit might show you the issues right at preconception and conception. Then if you are led you can ask if there is an Inquisivus demon. If yes you need to ask again your human spirit to give you insight into what happened at that time. Stay in Yatsar until you feel it has been completely clean.


Inquisivus Spirit