Is talking about spirituality and energy as related things good? Surely it is. When Jesus spoke about fish, trees, stones, wheat, and fruit to cite some examples he was talking to an audience whose work and income depended on fishing and agriculture. Today technology is the new landscape where we spend much of our time. Yes it is now natural to express spiritual dynamics in terms of energy, just as it was the best thing to use back then nature to express spiritual truths. We not only live in a world that is energy thirsty and energy addict, but energy itself makes this world as we now understand from the latest science. 

It is of extreme importance to learn about left and right energy as gender issues are a topic that is even discussed at very high levels of world governance. Man needs both sets of energy to be fruitful in life. They are steadily built and nurtured by our parents and our environment. In the measure, we establish laws to undermine the subtilities of each, the closer we walk into the stagnation of the life of God in our landscape. These two types of energy work together, and in a life-giving nation, they will both be resonating with the right gender setup, but also and mostly more important they will make a difference when we have this energy balance within ourselves.