Our human spirit breathes the breath of life. We inhale and exhale air in our physical bodies. Our spiritual bodies all need the breath of life.

A reader of our book Ten Words that Will Change your Chay recently noted that her spirit was hungry for breath. She said she knew about the spirit as light. She had been listening to Arthur Burk’s presentation of the spirit as light. She quoted, “ Your spirit is light and receives the light of the Father as you look into His face.” Then she continued and wrote, “Rodrigo and Daniela minister to the spirit as breath of life which it is – ‘Ruach/pneuma’ is wind. I felt I have been very hungry for this presentation.” 

Our reader’s comments opened for me a new plane of exploration and applications about breath. Her words seemed to expand the revelation in a horizontal sense, giving to the Chay revelation more BREADTH (yes with a D, as in dimension). I wondered too if she had a second day of creation anointing by opening a new area of application for the Chay revelation. Note that the second day there was an expanse between the waters, for life to exist. There was oxygen! Breath! In this new span.

Let me go back to the original revelation of the Chay prayer. Naphach (blow), Neshamah (breath), and Aph (nostrils) are the 3 spiritual chambers where breath is dealt in very specific ways. In Naphach breath operates as a blessing that opens up space for us to have awe towards God’s creation. In Neshamah the blessing is a go-head to grow and mature to the size we have been set to reach. In Aph we look for the windmill that operates with the breath of life that comes from God into our hearts. The Breath of life was specific to those dimensions, particularly in the APH dimension until I received the comment that our spirit in essence is basically a breath of life and not just light.  

When the recent reader of my book wrote about our spirit as light and breath, it brought me the idea of breath for the spirit at a level of importance that I didn’t think of before. I mean that breath of life wasn’t only something that needed to be covered in our inner healing process called Chay, but that all our revelation had to do with this. This made me wonder if the Breath of Life was not just found in the Aph chamber, but in the whole model itself. AND YES!! It is everywhere.

Every time we speak one of the 11 Hebrew words used in the prayer model the human spirit responds to each of them. Words are produced as we shape them in our mouth and as we exhale our breath! Hebrew words, the sound of them, and our intent in the spirit realm connect immediately with the human spirit because the human spirit’s essence is not only light but also breath. All the words in the Chay revelation are breath of life! They open up spaces for us to find what needs to be changed in order for life to prosper in all of the places our spirit enters.