The Chay Prayer has for objective to recover the helical movement of energy (breath of life) through a four-armed spinner that brings wholeness to human life.

We know our heart pumps blood, but one of its basic functions is to send out oxygen all over our being. So it is with our spiritual heart that pumps living air into our spiritual being. Just as humanity in Adam became alive when he received air from God.

One of the most unexplored places might be your heart. And it has some surprises to reveal. One of them is its ability to breathe spiritual life on its own. Most people have lost this capacity to directly receive life from their heart, but a breath from other sources that are not theirs. The good news is that you can check this for yourself and recover the breath of life that you might be missing in order to go to the next level of spiritual success.

Our spiritual heart has a four-colored pump, an existent wind spinner that creates a spiraling breeze of air that will energize your spirit and everything in you like never before. You, your spirit, and all your being will suddenly be nurtured by a new current of abundance, spirituality, and life deep within in places you didn't know existed in you.


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