Arthur Burk has many things to write and say. He loves design, especially when it comes to words.  For me, he is a content creator and an influencer, but for most, he is a teacher, a prophet, and for some, an apostle. Arthur Burk considers himself a businessman, and he is. He has a very well-planned business called Sapphire Leadership Group (SLG). People who buy his albums, read his articles, follow his posts, and view his live streams also ask many questions. Thankfully Arthur, if he hasn't an answer, he will have something witty to say. He covers so many subjects on one single album and has so many CDs on each album, and so many albums that you won't have the time to hear all of it unless you have been walking with him for a couple of years. He is a fruitful lecturer whose word factory doesn't wear out – he cares for his SLG tribe as a traditional pastor bringing inner healing tools and critical perspectives about the spiritual climate of the time or even of the land from where he is streaming.

Let's get to the point. What are his teachings about? As I stated before, they cover many subjects but let us talk about how I found him on the web. I had heard about a spirit called Leviathan that causes arguments between people. So I followed that trail and clicked on the album about the six heads of Leviathan. It definitely wasn't what I expected, but very interesting nevertheless. Then I heard him talk about things I never heard before. And if I did wasn't from Christian lecturers.

Have you learned about what Alien Human Spirits (AHS) are? They are attached human spirits or human spirit parts to people's bodies. I was so intrigued if this could be true that I asked someone's human spirit if he was the only spirit in that body. The person I was talking to heard a no in their mind and then a yes when I asked to confirm if there was another spirit attached to it.  We worked out a deliverance, from a human spirit that came from her grandfather. She has positively changed and since then. I have developed the art of talking to the human spirit after that. I have found that engaging the human spirit is an excellent tool to begin learning about our own spirituality. Arthur Burk has several albums about nurturing the Human Spirit

Arthur Burk, through his different online teachings, gives a plethora of inner healing tools. He usually has specialty prayers with the topic he has taught. These prayers in the community are highly valued as they bring deliverance to those whose time was for that specif album. I personally have found it more practical to ask our human spirit to engage with the tools Arthur Burk teaches about. For example, he has prayers about our spiritual Gyroscope, Chronometer, and Compass. Still, I have worked instead with the human spirit to find these objects and specifically work out the root issue of their damage. These objects and others more are basically templates to find root issues. There are other templates like:

Each of those templates serves as a tool for finding iniquities, curses, covenants, or sins as root issues in particular areas of our lives. They will help tackle abandonment, rejection, fear, shame, rage, and legitimacy problems.

Some themes have helped me personally to get a better understanding of family issues and kingdom walk.  The fatherhood, sonship, womanhood albums are excellent subjects that delve deep into these areas. Then there are albums like the Victim Spirit, cleansing land, and trauma bonds to time that inner healing experts rarely approach. These teachings have brought us even more material to pray about when doing deliverance. The Victim Spirit album has one in Spanish that we refer to that has helped many people we know. In fact, the Chay Revelation is the best fit for people who are already walking in dominion and not in a victim's spirit.

PTSD (Posttraumatic stress disorder) & DID (Dissociative identity disorder) are subjects that Arthur Burk has dealt with extensively. We have had the blessing of being able to deal with these such complex topics with supernatural gifting. Seeing parts stuck in places has helped very much. Also, seeing trauma in the Amygdala or other body organs has been an advantage. Nonetheless, I highly recommend those albums to understand the background of the different mental disorders. The work Arthur Burk does in this area is exceptionally detailed and exhaustive.

One book he has written has helped us develop our prayer group of supernaturally talented people, "Blessing the Human Spirit"! It is a must. Before moving from his office in California, Arthur Burk donated us a bunch of them. Less thing to carry to the eastern coast, but excellent material for us to teach about the human spirit. It was just good timing since I wanted to order ten books, and he sent four times that amount. I sent him back a gift mug but never heard him again. His communication skills are better than most people you will know in your life, but he has them well stratified if you know what I mean when it comes to personal communication. I still would enjoy talking to him one day and sharing about the Chay Revelation in relation to his teachings (Ex. The Seat of Dominion is just above the Chay Hallway from the perspective of our body structure).  

One album that we will buy, hopefully soon, is Baby Blessing. Speaking to babies' spirit is so marvelous and good that when we have the opportunity as a couple, this is the first thing we will do.

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