Since I was asked to share my experience with Chay Life it’s been really difficult. Where do I start? I don’t want to be taking you down a rabbit trail. I pray that the Holy Spirit leads me into what I need to share at this time.

Just to let you know I’ve been ministered by many of “the BEST “ in deliverance ministries. I now call those experimental ministries. I’d leave the sessions feeling depressed and worst than when I started.  In their defense, they just did not know. They did not get it. Neither did I or I would have been able to do it for me right?

So after more than 35 years, I gave up trying.

My life was miserable none knew the turmoil I was in. Well, just a few very close friends knew something. I must tell you the supernatural is real.

From a child, I suffered because of seeing, knowing, smelling, etc. I experienced the good the bad and the ugly side of the supernatural. I could not talk to anyone who could understand. When I first heard about Chay Life from my friends. I knew instinctively this was real. This is it.

I wrote Rodrigo and Daniela pleading with them to help me. I felt that this was my last chance, I’d not be fulfilled. My life here on earth would be for nothing. I was in captivity.

So my husband and I began Chay Life sessions.

From the first word Yatsar I was out of that invisible prison. I was out, I was changed, like permanently. I was born afresh. I experienced the umbilical cord that was around my neck at birth choking me. I literally was choking, I could not speak and my breath was labored. I was back in time to be born. They prayed for me I think I was choking so much I don’t remember. All I know was that I was free from the choking the cord was gone. I  could BREATHE. I can speak. Fear of using my voice, and all sorts of fear concerning speaking were on the way out of my life. I could feel the relief.

I’ve been set on a path of freedom like never before. I knew it was possible but could not get there by myself. After Yatsar I started seeing things that hindered me. A complete cleanup of my home, my vision, etc. began to take place and is continuing. Talents that I once used my passion for came back Now after Yatsar I was eagerly awaiting the next time we meet. 

Now I will not be specific about the word that was the hardest for me. I don’t want anyone to think that the same will happen to them. We’re all different. I’ll say this much it was about halfway through the words.

This was a time of anger for me. I was angry with Rodrigo, [daddy issues] lots of repressed memories from ministries, ministers, male teachers, and men in authority who told me “you cannot” or you should not say that. People won’t understand you. You’re not good enough if they did not say that. that’s how the broken messed-up me took it. I walked in constant shame. My friends did not know this part of me. It was subtle and really hindering to me. 

I’m so glad I bought the book “10 Words That Will Change Your Life" by Rodrigo and Daniela and read it. I did not put it on the shelf. I would have quit that angry week. I guess I expected to be shamed. I said I wanted help right? But the very thing I desperately needed. I was about to quit. I was ready for it. I expected to be shamed and condemned by Rodrigo [male figure]. It never came. When change comes we sometimes don’t recognize it. I did not know how to handle change. A gift of love, understanding, and the knowledge to help me up and out. That was really hard. There was a battle going on in my mind. They weren’t making me ashamed or condemned. Shame was getting weaker and weaker. I won, Love won, over shame and perceived rejection.

The word I had the best experience with after all that anger and exposed suppressed memories was ADAM. Before we get to that I must tell you it started getting easier and easier with the next word. I’d feel what’s coming up a few days before we met. I didn’t say anything to Rodrigo. I love to see the Holy Spirit working. Rodrigo and Daniela are real and really love helping others to be able to live a better life.

Now back to the word ADAM. this one took me by surprise. When I looked at the door it was like a mirror I went closer to look thinking I’d see a reflection. But all I saw was a figure dressed in a lovely white dress. It was opaque, with lots and lots of fabric like a curtain.  I was made of this wind. The wind was blowing through me. I did not have a body only a form. The wind was coming from God I was wondering why wasn’t I blown away but I was part of the wind. 



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