Disclaimer: By entering this space, it is important to acknowledge that you will inevitably part ways with certain aspects you may consider as yourself. Embracing a new mindset requires letting go of preconceived notions, beliefs, and habits that may hinder your progress. You will experience a shedding of old paradigms, but in return, you will rediscover and reclaim your authentic life.

Chay Life a Quantum Experience

The Chay Revelation

Discovering the Chay revelation was a mind-blowing experience, much like when the concept of the quantum universe theory was first introduced. At first, many people considered it to be outlandish, but just like the quantum aspect of the universe, Jp one of our students sees the Chay revelation as equally awe-inspiring. The depth of insight and profound implications behind the Chay revelation have opened our eyes to a whole new realm of possibilities. It challenges our understanding of reality and leaves us with a sense of wonder and excitement about the unexplored frontiers of knowledge. Without a doubt, the Chay revelation is an incredible journey of discovery that has enriched our understanding of the universe in ways we could have never imagined.

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Why is this important for you

The Chay revelation aims to empower you to examine, firsthand, whether your life possesses the essential conditions to manifest its full potential through you. It consists of a collection of patterns designed to assist you in assessing the functionality of your inner being, including its structures and contents. Just as an astronaut undergoes regular health checks to ensure their body can withstand a space journey, Chay serves as a guide throughout our life's expedition.

By utilizing the Chay process and its comprehensive framework, you can gain insights into the presence of vital dimensional elements such as the Womb of God, the Garden of Birth, the Warehouse of Dreams, the Downward Staircase to Human Essence, the Underground Sea of Ancestral Riches, the Room of Love, the Quiver of Stars, the Pinwheel of God’s Breath, the Mirror of God, and much. These factors collectively contribute to your ability to navigate and embrace your destiny both within this world and beyond. The Chay revelation acts as a compass, helping you ascertain whether you possess the necessary qualities to confront and triumph over the challenges that lie ahead.

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Different paths you can take to begin your journey

  • The Chay Mindset Program In-depth study of each Dimension with Workshops. 
  • Guided Meditation & Prayer. 10 videos that will help you go into each dimension with your spirit and restore what you are shown at each place. 
  • Working with the Human Spirit and the Chay Prayer. 101 course on how to interact with someone's spirit and begin your first steps into the Chay prayer. 
  • 1-on-1 Chay Prayer. Daniela & Rodrigo provide an inner healing prayer service through all 10 dimensions. 
  • Book. How Chay began and the very first things R&D learned about the revelation. 
  • Chay explained. A free 15-minute WEBINAR of what Chay is about. 

More Resources

We encourage to do the Chay prayer with a partner, dimension by dimension, using the free map provided here (map) and the free scripts that will help you get a better context at each dimension found here (script).  

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The Chay process of restoration aims to prepare you to walk in your birthright. On the last three dimensions, once you recovered the Breath of Life, you will be able to see who you are, what spiritual resources you have, and what is your birthright about. 

1. To begin receiving God's Breath of Life by first recovering the Pinwheel that moves in your spiritual lung and heart dimension. This will tremendously help you to stay strong in your birthright.

2. To restore each of your ten dimensions. 

3. To balance your left (feminine) and right (right) energy. 

4. To align your connection between heaven and earth. 

A. A map to navigate between foundational areas of our being that we call dimensions. 

B. A set of Hebrew words from Genesis 2:7 that when the human spirit hears them he or she uses each word as a key to access a deep area within. 

C. The strategy, or the order, necessary to recover the Breath of Life and to prepare you with what you need to walk in your birthright. 

E. The meaning of the dimensions and how they relate to you. 

The revelation of the basic pattern of the 10 doors across a hallway came through a vision as Daniela and Rodrigo prayed over healing using the Hebrew words found in Genesis 2.7. 

The Chay pattern is found in Genesis 2.7, Psalms 1, Colossians 3, Revelation 4 & 21 and probably in many other scriptures. Chay is a fractal pattern. This means it is found within us and in other places too. 

No, Chay does not come from Jewish knowledge. Nor is it practised in the New Age movement. It is anchored on 3 elements. (1) The hebrew sound of words and their connection to spiritual places, (2) each person's human spirit impressing on their mind thoughts, feeling and images, and (3) God's Provision to heal. 

R&D Backgrounds and Work

Rodrigo and Daniela's careers have helped the Chay model have a holistic approach to healing that includes spirit, heart, body, mind, and soul. 

Daniela is a mentor and life coach in areas such as self-confidence and self-love. Rodrigo is a consultant in electromagnetic waves and health. Their expertise has enriched Chay to levels that are often beyond that which they have published. That is why they are open to doing interviews, group zoom meetings, and conferences for latest updates on the Chay revelation.