We just came about Bob Jones’ 100-Year Prophecy and were impressed to see that 2020 was the year for God to show His Rest. And well it happened that many churches shut down and many had to stay at home. It seemed to be a time of rest, but only the outside. The Rest referred by this prophecy was about resting in God as the idea behind the Sabbath, and the 7th day of creation, but also, and most importantly, as connecting with Jesus Christ in our hearts to a new deeper level.

2020 has been a year for many where they began looking on the inside for answers. Many coaches online found their way on the internet teaching about self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love. As this new decade began Daniela and Rodrigo (myself) have been learning so much about the importance of the heart and learning to do our healing work from a love perspective. Inner healing tools work much better when love towards oneself is taken into account. When our love gates, spiritual gates, are open then it is much easier for the Lord to meet us at the dimension of the heart that we have learned it as the Aph dimension.

The Chay revelation has been given in 2020, and the key place to recover back to its original design is the region of APH. This region is where the rest of God is found. This place is heaven inside. It is our heaven and place to meet God. In this inner dimension, there is a place called the Field of Peace which is, just like the green pastures in Psalms 23.  When the Aph dimension is restored, which is the seventh door in the Chay hallway, a restoration of our peace takes place. We are connected back to the true source of life and our dependency on God is restored.

Resting in God has a house,  a door, an entrance to a place called Aph, a field, a river, and a breath. In other words, very concrete things are found when we open our hearts firstly to ourselves and then to God. This place is opened by the powerful frequency of the Hebrew word Aph. This word brings this place to our spirit so that we can access it. 2020 has been the year where we learned that God has placed eternity in our hearts, meaning an eternal place where we can encounter God within. A resting place. A Shabbat within missed for centuries but recovered in 2020. Well, at least we found the strategy on how to get there step by step. And we believe that many will come to their resting place in God and this through different models that are already provided by God for us all to discover more about his Rest.   

Below is almost the entire transcript of the 100-year prophecy.

The 1950’s would reveal the Power of God; William Branham, A. Allen, Oral Roberts, Jack Cole, etc.

The 1960’s revealed the Spirit of God. That is when the baptism of the Holy Spirit began to come into denominations.

The 1970’s was the Word of God. That is when really inspired-teachers began to rise up and show us a new understanding already of the written word.

The 1980’s began to reveal the Prophets of God; people that get the inspired word.

In the 1990’s, we began to get a revelation of the Government of God.

The 2000’s will be the Glory of God. So a lot of these gold plates, gold teeth and everything is beginning to—just on the verge of—revealing the glory of God.

The 2010’s would reveal the Faith of God. It’s not have faith “in” God, it is, have the faith “of” God. And so I think we are coming up to the key point of where we see the Holy Spirit of God moving so much that we will believe it, and where our faith is in God and when He speaks in us, we will proclaim His word and it will have the Faith of God in it.

The 2020’s will reveal the Rest of God. To where the body will come into a place of resting in God, where God will rest in us. And in this rest, the enemy will not be able to do warfare because we are resting in God and He is resting in us, and He will accomplish the things He means to do in a people that is at rest. He has always wanted a people that will come into His rest. There never has been one but rest is on the way.

The 2030’s will reveal the Family of God. There will be such a Unity that if you pick on one, you pick on all. And intercession where If you are picking on one, intercessors immediately allover will come right in. it’s a family.

The 2040’s will reveal the coming forth of the Kingdom of God. Kingdom authority, kingdom sons; sons of the kingdom.

The 2050’s will reveal the Sons of God. They will grow into a place where they will have a *** and a likeness of the Son of God.