The following diagram shows a step-by-step process to clean and remove trauma memories from the body. Trauma can be stored in all body systems. Part of healing trauma wounds is to also clean stored memories in the body. The diagram below will help with the cleaning process.

The process requires knowing how to communicate with your own spirit man, the human spirit, or inner self. You can learn more about how to ask questions to your human spirit in the training course "Working with the Human Spirit in Inner Healing." You will also have exercise examples on how to develop your spirit. Click here to download the course syllabus. 


If you want a high-resolution PDF print of the diagram you may get it for free from our learning platform Learn.Chay.Life. Click here to log in (just create your account and an email will be sent to confirm your address). There are other diagrams too that you will be able to download in our teaching platform. 

There is this video explaining the diagram above on how to release negative memories blocked in the body.   



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