My continuation of the wind… See Original Article

Adam, the word that took me by surprise. When I looked at that door it was like a mirror I went closer to look thinking I’d see a reflection. But all I saw was a figure dressed in a lovely white dress. It was opaque, with lots of fabric like a curtain. I was made of wind. The wind was blowing through me I did not have a body only a form. The wind was coming from God I was wondering why wasn’t I blown away but I was part of the wind I was that wind in union with God. I was seeing the future.


I saw mountains and mountains of sand like the Sahara. I felt the sand was a hindrance, there was a big city way off in the distance I needed to clear a path. I started blowing. Don’t ask me how I knew to do that. Voila! sand blowing away exposing gems, crystals, and all sorts of precious elements. These were under the sand. I started asking God what is next? There is a city in the distance what is next?


Words cannot express what I saw or felt I can only pray that as you read this you can envision my experience. I now know for sure what my spirit looks like I had a vague idea before but now I know. I am a spirit being.


I’d like you to know that this is real and serious. Chay Life will work if you’re willing to do the steps. I’m still working through some things, like not falling back into old patterns. I plan to stay connected to Chay Life teachings I have lots to learn. I must and need to express more liberty. I’ve only just begun. My desire is to help others to receive their SHAMELESS FREEDOM.