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Welcome to Chay.life, founded by Daniela and Rodrigo Arteaga. Based in Madrid, Spain, our journey began in Bordeaux, France, where we initiated this project with the purpose of sharing and teaching the transformative practices that have been instrumental in our own deliverance and inner healing processes. Our commitment to empowering others stems from our own transformative experiences and our dedication to assisting people in their pursuit of healing and restoration.

At Chay.life, we foster a sense of community where individuals can find comfort, guidance, and practical tools for their personal growth and inner transformation. Our aim is to create a sanctuary of support, offering valuable resources, empowering teachings, and a network of like-minded individuals on the path to healing.

Join us on this inspiring journey of self-discovery and liberation. Together, we can unlock the potential for profound growth, restoration, and spiritual breakthroughs.

On our journey through life, both of us originate from Bolivia, South America. While growing up, I attended a school associated with an interdenominational Christian mission organization. It was during our time at the international church where Daniela worked that fate brought us together. Daniela had recently returned from theological studies at an esteemed institute in Argentina. Her dedication and devotion in her role as a missionary at the church were apparent.

Our meeting at the international church proved to be a serendipitous encounter, given our diverse backgrounds. While I was raised in a conservative environment, my baptism in a charismatic church added a unique dimension to my spiritual journey. Daniela invested her efforts in guiding and mentoring women in our church, showcasing her immense talent as a solo singer.

Despite our varying perspectives on non-essential matters and distinct experiences with spirituality, I embraced the challenge and ventured forward in faith. In 2008, we got married.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge and growth, I dedicated time to attend a biblical school, challenging and reshaping our understanding of spiritual gifts. Simultaneously, Daniela had a profound encounter, leading to the awakening and manifestation of her unique abilities. Inspired by these transformative experiences, we both became open to further exploration.

As we continue on our journey, we embrace opportunities for spiritual growth and remain committed to exploring the depths of the supernatural.

From a young age, my passion for Hebrew letters and familiarity with the Christian Messianic movement grew. This interest in Israel inspired me to write my second book titled "Jerusalem: A Threshing Floor for the Nations." Additionally, I have dedicated many years to lecturing and promoting health prevention. It is worth mentioning that I hold a Master's degree in Interactive Design and have spent a significant portion of my career working in the IT sector.

As for Daniela, while she initially focused on discipling women from diverse backgrounds, our marriage brought about a change in her professional pursuits. She transitioned into a successful businesswoman and currently serves as a coach and mentor for the Spanish-speaking world, empowering others in the areas of self-esteem, self-love, and self-confidence.

Our journey towards a stronger couple relationship and improved health has led us to actively pursue a deeper understanding of the supernatural. By putting knowledge into practice and sharing it with others, we have cultivated a unique authority in this realm. This stewardship has paved the way for us to receive divine revelations, which we are excited to share on this website. 

In 2014, we embarked on a business venture focused on shielding and prevention from electromagnetic waves, which led to the creation of my website enemigoinvisible.com in Spanish. Subsequently, I authored my first book titled "Dark Light," presenting a Christian perspective on electromagnetic smog. Despite becoming an expert in EMF and studying Building Biology, our progress in addressing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) remained limited.


During my participation in an expo, we had a fortunate encounter with a profoundly gifted individual who operated in the supernatural realm and provided us with invaluable assistance. This divine meeting not only resulted in a breakthrough for Daniela but also imparted upon her an anointing to perceive supernatural places. However, when confronted with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis several years later, our initial belief that it could be easily overcome as a Region of Captivity proved to be a more arduous journey than we had anticipated.

We embraced a holistic and healthy lifestyle, incorporating juicing, prioritizing organic foods, and minimizing meat consumption. While the immune system is a vital defense mechanism in the body, it became somewhat adversarial, triggering frequent intense inflammatory episodes. Maintaining control over our diet played a crucial role in managing Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), but we also discovered the power of praying with our human spirit to address hidden traumas and iniquities during moments of crisis.

Our victory over RA gradually manifested as we ministered to one another and fostered a supportive community of friends seeking our guidance. This period of growth allowed us to develop effective tools for physical and inner healing, yielding remarkable results. These experiences culminated in a profound revelation of the ten supernatural dimensions of life, which we now refer to as the Chay Prayer. Upon experiencing an unprecedented spiritual shift in the atmosphere, we realized that this revelation deserved to be shared in the form of a book.

The depth and significance of this revelation prompted us to establish the teaching platform Learn.Chay.Life, where we provide valuable resources and guidance.

After a decade of dedicated research in the areas of deliverance and inner healing, our efforts bore fruit in the momentous sabbatical year of 2020. Throughout this journey, we had received prophetic words that are now unfolding before our eyes. Daniela received a powerful prophetic word, envisioning her crossing multiple veils in the spiritual realm, while I, Rodrigo, was anointed to bring forth heavenly designs. True to these prophecies, we have witnessed these extraordinary occurrences, and Chay.life serves as the platform through which we share these remarkable experiences and revelations.

You are all welcome to buy the book Ten Words that Will Change your Chay and participate at our learning platform here.

Our current mission is to equip individuals with the essential tools to embark on their supernatural journey, awakening their Chay, and facilitating inner healing within the ten extraordinary spiritual realms that comprise our being. Through our resources, we aim to empower others to engage in transformative healing practices and unlock the depths of their spiritual potential.

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