Daniela & Rodrigo

Chay.life is a ministry started by Daniela and Rodrigo Arteaga. We live in Bordeaux, France, where we founded this project to share and teach in one place all the things that have been extremely helpful for our deliverance and inner healing processes. Our experience has been through our own victories and through providing inner-healing services to people from different continents and backgrounds.

We were both raised in Bolivia, South America. I went to a school for missionary kids from SIM international, an interdenominational Evangelical Christian mission organization.  I met Daniela after she had come back from her theological studies in the international renown Institute Word of Life, Argentina. She was a missionary at our local English speaking International Church. It helped that we met at an interdenominational church since we had different backgrounds –though I was raised by conservative Christians, I had been baptized in a Charismatic church. She worked hard, discipling the ladies in our church; however, her solo singing is what captured my attention. We had different biblical views on non-essential issues and had had different experiences with the Holy Spirit; nevertheless, I took the challenge and stepped in faith. Our dear pastor Graham Porter, pouring us with many blessings, married us in 2008. 

I attended a biblical school three nights a week for about a year, which challenged our personal view of the Holy Spirit’s Gifts. She had a powerful encounter with the Lord that year, and her anointings and gifting began to flow. We were then both open to learning more from the supernatural. We lead a prayer group in a House of Prayer, where Daniela led worship, and I would take the lead with the prayer time. 

Since young, I have been passionate about the Hebrew letters and was familiar with the Christian Messianic movement. This interest in Israel led me to write my second book called Jerusalem, a Threshing Floor for the Nations. On the other hand, I have been a lecturer and promoter in health prevention for many years. I also have to add to the mix that I have a Master’s degree in Interactive Design and have worked most of my life in the IT sector. Daniela has been a successful businesswoman, and today she is a Youtube influencer for the Spanish speaking world on personal growth, health, and beauty. 


Our quest for a better couple relationship and some severe health issues led us to contact a few excellent ministries and promote them as much as we could in our circles of influence. When we were leaders at our local church, we organized an Ancient Paths seminar encouraged by the power of forgiveness and blessing. When we learned about blessing the human spirit, we distributed the few Spanish books we had received as a donation from the Sapphire Leadership Group. When I heard about Francis Myles revelations and read his books, I immediately looked for people to translate his messages for others to learn about them. A trip to Aslan’s Place in California changed my life for good. I learned from Paul Cox how to develop discernment and giftings in a group context through generational prayers, which helped us be where we are today. Our anointing to understand the supernatural has changed since then. We have earned specific authority in the supernatural area ever since we just not consumed information, but put it into practice and were committed to sharing it with others. I believe that this stewardship has paved the way for us to receive from God the revelation we share on this website.

We had begun in 2014 a business on electromagnetic waves shielding and prevention (my site enemigoinvisible.com in Spanish is still online). Then came my first book on a Christian perspective to electromagnetic smog titled Dark Light. Though I had become an EMF expert and studied Building Biology, we had had little progress with a syndrome called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). It was not until during an evangelical expo that I participated that we met an international prophetic ministry called Punta de Lanzas (Spearheads), that Daniela not only had a breakthrough but received an anointing to see in the supernatural Regions of Captivity. When a severe Rheumatoid Arthritis showed up a few years later, we thought it was a Region of Captivity, and it was going to be easy to heal from it, but it wasn’t.

We developed a completely healthy lifestyle, Juicing as much as possible, avoiding meat whenever possible, and eating organic. Though a vital protection system in the body, the immune system had become our rival, producing frequent severe inflammatory episodes for short periods. In general, food control was our leverage against RA, but we had learned to pray with the human spirit about hidden traumas and iniquities in times of crisis. Our victory over RA came in steps as we ministered each other during the past years, which helped create a community of friends who began asking us for help. A period during which we developed several tools for physical and inner healing that have worked extraordinarily well. All this led to the latest download of the ten supernatural dimensions of life that we also call the Chay Prayer. On the first day that we experience the unprecedented spiritual change in the atmosphere, we realized this had to be a book. The book’s topic and the proportion of the revelation have led us to build the teaching platform Learn.Chay.Life

Ten years of research in deliverance and inner healing have proved to give fruit in this sabbatical year of 2020. The previously mentioned ministry, Puntas de Lanzas, had monthly prophetic presbyteries, in which we attended regularly. At one of those events, Daniela received the prophetic word that she was going to cross several veils in the spirit realm and that I was going to bring down heavenly designs. This has come to be and is the place to see.

You are all welcome to buy the book Ten Words that Will Change your Chay and participate at our learning platform here.

Our mission now is to provide people the necessary material to walk into their supernatural Chay and learn how to do inner healing to each other in those ten extraordinary spiritual realms of our makeup.