Warren Marcus, Author, Filmmaker, TV Producer and Speaker and ordained Messianic Jewish Minister was recently interviewed by Sid Roth on his program It's Supernatural! & Messianic VisionThe following commentary on his supernatural experience described by Warren Marcus brought my atention, "And it was like a breath came to me. And it says in Genesis that Yehovah God, it's the father who knelt over Adam, who was clay, breathed into his nostrils. And when he breathed, Adam came to life. Oh, I felt this life come into me, this incredible thing. And I said, I don't want to ever lose that sense of that. I don't want to lose this."

Immediately he mentioned this I knew what had happened in the spirit realm. Happened what happens when the 10 Chay dimensions of your life are restored!

Then Sid Roth asked him, "What does this mean to you? What difference did it make in your life?"

Warren's answer describes exactly how our clients have felt after we prayed over them the 10 Hebrew words of Genesis 2:7, "What it's done is, I understand exactly my mind becomes singular because I'm in the father. I'm in sync with him and what his thoughts are. And the other thing is he gives me my assignments. I begin getting these ideas and various things for my work that I'm doing and various things. And then he shows me, here's how you accomplish it. Give this to this person. You do this one. You do that. Hold off on this one. It's amazing, Sid. It's totally transformed the way I live and brought this Shalom, this piece, upon me, to be able to work, to achieve things that I never thought and dreamed I could in one day, every moment by moment experience with him." 

Warren experienced God breathed on him after praying in Hebrew Numbers six, 24 and then going to sleep. It wasn't the Chay prayer he did, but what God did in his life is reminiscent of the same effects that the Chay prayer does. I am convinced that Warren's Chay Pinwheel (breath of life wind spinner) is what got set and going in order to feel how he did afterward expressed in the paragraph above. 

In his interview Warren also said, "... when the Hebrew is pronounced over, that's really when I sense the impartation that comes upon people because the fullness of meaning is revealed in the Hebrew". Then I said to myself, Warren would be in awe if he knew about the Genesis 2:7 word for word revelation as it is connected with what he experienced in Hebrew and in the spirit. So I thought trying to connect with him. Let me share to you my letter to him. I think it will help you too get an idea of what Chay is about in very few lines. I hope this letter gets to him. 

Hello Warren

As I heard your story on how G-D breathed on you, I knew it was Genesis 2:7 acting upon you. The Hebrew words in Gen 2:7 are very powerful. The word Aph ( nostrils) is actually a dimension within where our heart breathes the breath of life. Not only there is a device in there that spins with this breath, but we have found out that most people do not have this device and can not breathe God's breath as you did. Our spirit thrives in this breath and our life changes just as you describe it when the wind spinner-like device receives this air from God.

If you are interested in this revelation of all the Hebrew words in Gen 2:7 and how they can recreate that experience you had I invite you to check my class on this: https://chay.life/masterclass

I personally believe your revelation complements The Gen 2:7 revelation on the 10 dimensions of our life opened by the Hebrew words. People who already see in the spirit can provide you input with each word and confirm the power of each Hebrew word here to connect you with areas that need healing. The Aph dimension which I mentioned above is the 7 the door. Through an incredible download, we have received a map of where in the spirit is each door that corresponds to each Hebrew word. The first word of the hallway is Yatsar and the last one is Nephesh.

I hope the L-ord leads you into more discovery of this wonderful scripture and how it is a living map of our life.



Warren's story shared in his book, "The Priestly Prayer of the Blessing: The Ancient Secret of the Only Prayer in the Bible Written by God Himself" brings a beautiful jewel to include in the Chay revelation. This priestly prayer could be prayed once the wind spinner of our heart is on its feet ready to be blown. We usually ask God to blow on it, but it has occurred to me that just before this we could pray Numbers 24:6 before getting the wonderful living breath of God into his spiritual nostrils.

Have you experienced yet the breath of life in your being? I suggest you try our meditation video sessions on the Chay prayer. 




Sid Roth's interview is on this link: https://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/warren-marcus-2/

If you want to know about the Hebrew prayer story that changed Warren's life click here: https://warrenmarcus.com/the-story/