Ten Words that Will Change Your Chay

A guide to walk with your spirit to dimensions of your supernatural life

This season has taught us to know what we do not know; that is, to be prepared for the unexpected.

Who was ready for a mandatory adjustment of our breathing process? Probably no one was, but this should lead us to ask ourselves a more profound question. Am I breathing within my heart what life is about?

Ten Words that Will Change Your Chay delivers a present-day revelation that will help find these answers through a groundbreaking prayer model based on God’s breathing the Breath of Life over Adam.

Inner Healing Model

With Key Hebrew Words

The model is a supernatural template that will help us forgive, love, bless, and restore different areas of our life. It is a divine map navigated through ten Hebrew words. Each Hebrew word reveals magnificent things of life that may be complete in us. They will take us to know the who, what, how, and why we were made in the spirit realm. We will uncover these Hebrew words’ meanings that will deliver our life into a more abundant one. An untranslated word in the Hebrew Bible will come alive and build your hope.

We consider the prayer model found in the Ten Words that Will Change Your Chay to be the best to tackle a holistic view of our makeup. Sounds pretentious, but is not. What if our life is like ten rooms that need cleansing. If we do not know how many rooms you have, then we might miss more than one.

The Parable of the Lost coin, in Luke 15:8-10, would not make sense if the woman did not know from the start she had nine and needed to find the tenth coin. This book will help you turn on the light of your spirit man and sweep the house until you recover what has been lost.

It is an excellent tool for pastors, churches, and families to invest in their inner healing and deliverance sessions - Different protocols, methods, and or techniques can be merged into this master framework.

Rodrigo & Daniela Arteaga

About the Authors

We live close to the Atlantic ocean in France, and we teach and mentor online to English and Spanish audiences on four continents. I have been also a lecturer in 5G EMFs and I am fond of the Hebrew roots studies. Two topics which I have turned into my first two books. Daniela, who is an influencer, worship singer, and the Lord's anointed, has brought life to each Hebrew word of our latest book, “Ten Words that Will Change Your Life”. Our ministry began as health challenges knocked on our door, and we kept Pharmakeia out. Daniela is a walking miracle, overcoming severe modern-day syndromes and an example to follow as a compelling business person. On my part, as a Graphic Designer and an IT professional, the Lord has given me the talent to graph spiritual realities and processes making inner healing easier to follow.

We have been able to walk in authority in the area of inner healing following ten years of research, of recapturing soul parts, eradicating iniquities, breaking the influence from demonic strongholds and ancient human spirits, destroying false mindsets, cleansing memories in the spirit, stepping away from religious predators, and learning the power of our word in Jesus Christ.

There are few communities that we know of that have been doing inner healing to the depth we have been doing except for a few frontrunner ministries of which we have been part and blessed by them.

Chay is a word that means life and represents the God-given revelation that came after years of doing inner healing with the gifting of the Holy Spirit and using the most robust techniques we knew. We have been trained to rebuild ancient cities as in Isaiah 61 and to bring a new form of liberty to the new generations for the coming era.


Ten Words that Will Change Your Chay begins sharing our story on how we received the revelation and how the Hebrew words work in the spirit realm. Before entering into the core subject we have been careful to explain the role of the human spirit in effective inner healing prayer and how he will provide our senses all the information we need. Then, we describe each supernatural realm of our lives through a series of visions and inner healing prayer experiences. A few of the topics approached in the different chapters are:

Finding ourselves

Discovering our deepest longings

Listening to our Father’s heartbeat

The place to breathe God’s breath

Receiving the necessary provision for what comes next

My true wealth

As we have natural body systems, like the respiratory or skeletal system, we also have ten realms that let us function correctly in the spirit realm. The book will guide you through each dimension to know what sort of spiritual events to expect in each prayer session. We will be able to enter the dimensions by their names given in Hebrew and what to expect in each supernatural place.

Outcomes and Benefits

Chay Prayer Revelation

  • Recover your spiritual breathing equipment

  • Grow your spirit with God’s Breath of Life

  • Have the keywords to access unforeseen realms of your life

  • Discover the spiritual areas in your life that need restoration

  • Get the strength and the sense of direction God has for you

  • Find fallen designs and structures that keep you from living in fullness

  • Learn to minister the human spirit

  • These ten words will help you keep track of your inner healing process


There are places within that you need to conquer; areas taken by the enemy way too long. Get back the four-arm spiral in the realm of your heart and have Jesus blow His Breath of Life.

Prayer Testimonials

I was told I had everything I needed, but I could not see it. After doing the Chay prayer it is like dark lenses were taken away and a few buttons were pressed in me that now I see all the things I did not know I had, such as discernment, prophecy, wisdom and authority.


Ten Words that Will Change Your Chay

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