Kingdom restoration is a process that takes place in a 7-phase process. At each phase, there is a specific way of looking at things and necessary for all the processes to be completed.

If you have heard of the Seven Redemptive gifts (also known as the Fractal of Seven) you will want to know that the good Samaritan works with all of the seven ones to heal the man found on the road. I believe this parable is a blueprint for healing in our lives.

Have a look at the following chart and see the seven steps taken by the good Samaritan to heal the man he found.




Jesus’ parable about the Good Samaritan is a response to the lawyer's question about who is his neighbor. Jesus also says it is correct what the Lawyer said that one needs to love his neighbor as himself. But here is the true issue. If we don’t love ourselves we can not love our neighbor. So first we need to love ourselves in the way the good Samaritan loved the man on the road. This is where it gets interesting because the lawyer listed the different parts that make us. We are to love those same parts of ourselves that also love God. Only then when we love ourselves can we love like the Good Samaritan. And by extension, those parts can not love God if we don’t love them too.

See below those 5 parts that we need to love.


You shall love the Lord your God

1 Spirit

with all your heart

2 Heart

and with all your soul

3 Soul

and with all your strength

4 Body

and with all your mind

5 Mind

and your neighbor as yourself.”



We are talking about loving these parts, but this also means we need to heal them through love just as did the Good Samaritan. Jesus is giving us a lesson on how to heal ourselves and what areas to heal. We are to heal in the same 7-step process that the man on the road was healed by the Good Samaritan and this process needs to be applied to the different five parts of our being.

Maybe you want to be a Good Samaritan and you are ready to look for hurt people on the road. I am sorry to tell you that if you try to help them and you are not healed you will hurt them too or at best they will ignore you because they will see that you don’t even love yourself how could they trust you healing them.