A person doing the Chay meditation saw with her spiritual eyes a beautiful house covered inside with wood, but hardly any windows to the outside. The antique and old furniture within the house also gave a clue that something was not spiritually aligned in this place. Nevertheless, the area felt safe, and intimacy and worship to God were evident in the house. We asked the person's spirit to try to go out of the house in a one-on-one session to walk around this spiritual dimension. Her wind spinner, the Chay Pinwheel, wasn't on the cliff. So that meant there wasn't any device to breathe the living breath of God. Evidently, the form and things of the house in the Aph dimension were manifesting a codependence with family tradition.

The Pinwheel structure was found hidden in a storage room in the house. A wall was opened with a golden pillory, and 10 angels helped to carry it out and setting it on the cliff. The breath of life was re-established in the area once the Pinwheel was in its place.

The house in the heart had more walls than windows and was more based on fear than on freedom. We renounced the idea that the heart is deceitful and prayed to accept that the heart is a beautiful place. The wrong belief was that our own heart is not trustworthy and that we could not follow what it pleased to it.

What does the bible say about the heart?

King Salomon wrote that God has made everything beautiful in its time, and he continues saying there is eternity in our heart (Ecc.3:11). In contrast to this in Jeremiah 17 it says, "that the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?". The heart is both beautiful and deceitful, but when is which?  In Jeremiah's context, Judah was being accused of having left their God and stopped trusting Him. So we can not say that the human heart is deceitful perse; this verse was speaking about Judah's sin. Solomon, on the other hand, clearly states God has put eternity in the human heart. This means in all hearts.

The Chay revelation has taught us that there are eternal aspects of the human heart in the sense that it is out of time and space. Sadly we tend to construct things in our hearts that are not eternal. We might think they are for our protection, but that is deceitful. Our heart is a place to rest, enjoy and thrive in the living breath of God.

Often, we tend to call deceitful desires of our heart are really things rooted in soul fragmentation issues and not our heart.  The Aph dimension has shown that the heart is beautiful and that our human spirit enjoys it when there is a breath of life in it.

In the Chay meditation, you can also restore the River of Our Life and the Field of Peace in the heart dimension.  We invite you to do this meditation and experience your heart in a new way.