Meditating and praying will never be so effective as when you follow the genesis chay pattern. Come and let your spirit guide you into your heart.

The chay prayer covers 10 dimensions of our life. Your spirit will help you survey the condition of these places. Through meditation and prayer you will be able to work and access things like:

-Basic notions of your formation during conception and issues at the womb

-Help your mind build hope for the future

-See your perception towards your body, and experience your substance.

-Create grounding feelings, anchoring our love within.

-Expanding our welcoming space within and nurturing it with principles of the universe.

Six areas well-assembled will help you enter a 7th dimension where your spiritual heart is and find the right balance for lasting peace inside. This in turn with your identity in place on the 8th chamber will let you move forward into your inheritance with strength, direction, and fulfillment! Praying into your Chay life through all its ten doors will uncover new and beautiful things that will make you a complete and coercive person. Yes, of course, given you clean up the house and open your arms to the new things God has for you through his living breath.

Learn more at http://Chay.Life/pray


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