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Specialized prayer sessions

"Daniela and Rodrigo are pioneers regarding inner healing. The combination of the Lord’s revelation, wisdom, compassion and love that are displayed and radiate through them provides a safe environment for the human spirit to explore, grow and expand its influence in the many dimensions of Chay. The teaching has allowed me to become more connected internally, it has brought clarity to previous visions and encounters with the Lord, and has allowed me to have breakthroughs in establishing healthy patterns and disciplines" Amybeth Levie - Inner healing and Prayer Minister.

AHS - Alien (Attached) Human Spirits

Letting them go.

They are also known as Lingering Human Spirits or Dead Human Spirits. Not all humans follow their destiny when they die. Some are stuck here for a time and try to live off a living human influencing them many times in their thoughts and emotions. These spirits need to be released from our bodies, houses, or land. They may be connected to family members.

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Cleaning the body from trauma

Emotions are stored in our body systems

Often memories stuck in our body systems do not let us recover as fast as we wish from an issue. This prayer requires at least a 2-hour session. 

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Lowering Inflammation Acuteness

Deep work with the inmune system is necessary.

This prayer needs at least a 3-hour session and more sessions afterward that include a few of the other prayers mentioned here. 

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Seat of Dominion

Establishing the place of the 7 portions of the human spirit

This prayer requires a 2-hour session. 

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The Chambers of the Human Spirit

Restoring the human spirit's compartments

We use a template of rooms and houses that help identify hidden issues. Things like betrayal, rage, rejection, fear, guilt, or shame could be holding your spirit portions back from freely manifesting themselves in you. By seeing their chambers or houses we can identify issues at the soul level that are restraining the spirit.  This prayer requires two 2-hour sessions


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The 7 Pillars of the Human Spirit

Each portion has an anchoring pillar

There are 7 pillars that help each portion get their voice come out and impact the community. This prayer requires a 2-hour session. 


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The 12 foundation stones

These precious stones are the base of the Seat of Dominion

Once the Seat of Dominion is in its place, we can pray over each one of the 12 stones. 


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Regions of Captivity

Soul fragmentation restoration

You might have solved some trauma in your life, but you are still feeling that there is something deep that needs to be rooted out. Fragmentation can happen in such a way that soul parts are trapped and need specific deliverance. 


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Labels in the spirit realm

People reading things in you that are not you.

Getting rid of labels in the spirit realm can be very helpful to improve our relationships at home and at work. 

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Mental structures

Labels read by you that distract you

Leviathan is many times behind mental structures that do not let us see what is the real issue. Like a mesmerizing spirit.  In this prayer, Peacock angels often come and clean Levianish creatures (beings governed by Leviathan) from the mind. 

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Seals on the body

Dealing with manipulation, gossip and other

Seals are like logos or marks that the enemy puts on people. When they deal with the issues behind they will come back again to it. These seals are like hooks that pull people back to repeat the same thing. 

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Unblocking Energy Centers

We work with issues blocking each center.

We do this with the guidance of your own spirit to find issues that need to be dealt with at each center. This prayer requires at least 2-hour session.

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I was really trying to figure out why the Chay ministry is so shockingly effective and how we could be more effective and fruitful in our ministries. A lot of it comes from the decades of love Rodrigo and Dany have poured into God and His family. I've also been through innumerable deliverance sessions. R&D certainly carry the anointing as one of my friends described it for "love and freedom". 
A lot of what happens in the session happens because of the anointing on their life I believe. But I guess the framework is powerful in and of itself also. 

Sarah Victor - California

I have much more happiness and hope for my life and the possibilities before me. I am so grateful for Daniela. She has been instrumental in changing my perspective and helping me heal from physical issues that were affecting my life significantly. Daniela is all love and you feel that when you work with her. She models what she teaches and I find being vulnerable and raw with her was very easy. She gives homework that reinforces what she teaches and she thoroughly examines the areas that need to be healed and offers freedom and life more abundantly through her counsel.

Brenna  Griffin - California.

It has been truly the most profound healing experience of my life.  I have only worked with Daniela for two months and I am a changed woman, transformed. I am a different person now than I was when I met her. I can truly say that. Fear has been wiped out. I have confidence that I didn't have before. Um, I feel joy and peace on a regular basis that I didn't before. I am more myself and comfortable in my own skin. I have a hope for the future. That is incredible.

Meaghan Joynt - USA

Our own personal growth

Many Christians have been looking at new things out there; we are not the exception. We have learned to find our solutions to our problems through diligence, revelation, prayer, and study of the Word.

It could be you have been established in one church at one time, and for distinct reasons, you had to move to another place. Maybe you have been fed with the Word, but you feel there are still areas that need to be arranged before you take that big step of faith. After looking at different teaching, you now have so many options you do not know where to invest your time, but you still have a great desire to grow and have a new and fresh perspective of the spiritual world; this is the right place.

Even though our teachings come from different ministries, God has provided us with new eye-opening insights for our healing and deliverance (1 Corinthians 2:9). We know the spiritual technology he has given us is for a time like this when going to church is not always possible, and we need an intensive and fast-track approach to our healing.

Everyone can grow as high as their ceiling lets them; spiritual rooftops that hinder our growth do exist. The Lord has moved many of those obstacles and has allowed us to download from heaven beautiful and unique patterns for our personal inner growth (1 Chronicles 28:12a).

Our Spiritual Path

Our healing path, emotional, spiritual, and physical, has taught us, as a couple, several models of inner healing, which happen to be essential tools for operating in areas of the heart, mind, soul, spirit, and body. Different models do different things for each area. Our particular path that we teach connects these five centers of our being. The Learn.Chay.Life platform unpacks in various lessons a holistic approach to healing and deliverance.

We learned these past ten years, many things that tackled many specific areas of our spiritual makeup. We are so intricate as humans that we needed a master frame to operate most effectively with all the knowledge we had accumulated in our inner healings and deliverances. So then we would know what and when to use a tool and not to miss important issues. A trauma usually affects more than just one area, and we need to learn to cleanse it from all levels of our being: a five to six-step process.

Designs from the spirit realm

We believe we have many structures to cleanse within our being. There are many different invisible places within us, for which we need floorplans to access them and see if they need restoration. King David’s temple design downloaded from heaven hints to us about the sort of things we would be looking for in our spirit realm (1 Peter 2:5).  Our makeup has often been compared to the outer court, the inner court, and the Most Holy place, but there is more to that.

“Then David gave to Solomon his son the pattern of the porch, and of the houses thereof, and of the treasuries thereof, and of the upper chambers thereof, and of the inner parlours thereof, and of the place of the mercy seat, And the pattern of all that he had by the spirit, of the courts of the house of the LORD, and of all the chambers round about, of the treasuries of the house of God, and of the treasuries of the dedicated things.” 1 Chronicles 28:11-12.

Similarly, we have been able to glimpse into a few vital structures of our invisible self and discover different spiritual places that need our attention for further cleansing and restoration.


Chambers in the spirit

Learn.Chay.Life brings a few new revelations to the body of Christ that will help you bring healing and deliverance to areas you had not heard about before. Some key master templates will help us in our inner healing, such as the ones below.

  • The Chay Floorplan 
  • The Chambers of the Human Spirit (Houses of the spirit portions)
  • The Courts of the Human Spirit (Seat of dominion)
  • Mind Structures (Room of Love)
  • The Waterfall inner healing model


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