The One-on-One Chay Prayers are based on the book “Ten Words That Will Change Your Chay

We also have a lower price Chay Prayer that will let you go through each dimension or spiritual chamber at your own pace with online meditation videos if that is what you might be searching for. They also include scripts that are helpful if someone else is going to help you go into each dimension.

The One-on-One Chay Prayers services work with the human spirit and the giftings of the Holy Spirit (Ruach Hakodesh) to be able to see what your spirit sees at each dimension opened by specific Hebrew words. Each dimension will be restored as we pray together and submit the root issues to Jesus Christ (Yeshua Hamashiach).

Daniela who is a highly gifted seer and Rodrigo who is an anointed teacher that understands God's kingdom principles, both will come together in the prayer sessions.

The Chay Prayer Model

The Chay Prayer covers all 5 areas of our makeup: spirit, heart, body, mind, and soul. The model is based on the principles of the living fractals of 2,5,6,7, and 8.

The themes prayed begin even at preconception, through maturity, and into birthrights that need to be aligned. 

The main objective of the prayer is to recover an invisible 4-arm spiral device in the heart that breathes the living breath of God.  

You might want to know

  • We will pray the 10 dimensions of the Chay Revelation. 

  • Our prayers include the following areas of our makeup: spirit, soul, mind, heart, and body if needed.

  • If required on each Hebrew word there will be deliverance from fragmentation, regions of captivity, AHS, iniquities, curses, and evil covenants. This includes Labels in the spirit, mental structures, and body memories. 

  • We also function in the prophetic giving words of wisdom and knowledge. 

  • Prayer is done with the human spirit and the Holy Spirit's help. This includes our gifting too.

  • Sessions usually require practical exercises to build new mental structures and grow in faith over specific topics. 

  • Each prayer session is done with Rodrigo and Daniela Escobar authors of the book "Ten Words That Will Change Your Chay".

One-on-One Chay Prayer


If you feel like going to your next level, your next upgrade, BOOK here or send us an email to schedule the prayer sessions to 

Feel free to ask us for more information on how we proceed in the supernatural realm. 

10 dimensions of the Chay Revelation
Two hour sessions per week
Four sessions in a month (may extend to a 5th session to cover all dimensions)
Includes practical exercises during the week
You will also get a printable chart of the 10 chambers of Chay
Daniela & Rodrigo are present on Skype, Zoom or FB live sessions.