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In 2020, when the revelation about Chay emerged, breath was an issue for many of us. Not only did we face physical challenges, but we also struggled to imagine the world we had once dreamed of. The breathing mask became a palpable object that evoked both fear and safety. We seemingly constructed a rational but inert wall within our inner world. How could we regain our breath and rediscover the vastness, extent, and wonder of an open universe of possibilities that spoke to us about life?

Perhaps you sense constraints from leaders, news media, or even your neighbors, yet, like me, you feel compelled to venture into spiritual frontiers like never before. Let us emerge from the confines of a concrete world and step into the realm of abundant inner life.

Join me on a journey away from the fear of the known and the unknown, towards a reconnection with the supernatural territory within your heart. Your spirit will guide us to your spiritual core, where we will explore whether it breathes the supernatural life required for this new era in which we find ourselves. Only then will you possess the strength, growth, and guidance necessary to fulfill your birthright. Remember, you have a purpose, but it cannot be achieved without the fresh spiritual air of life that is available to those who seek it.

Life encompasses more than delving into the latest theories about the universe, sacred geometry, the Golden Rule, Fibonacci sequences, or any other passing trend. While these may assist you, they do not provide a continuous source of power to direct you towards your truest longings, inner resources, and ultimate legacy.

I possess a map, a strategy, to help you reclaim your breath—yes, the breath of life—found deep within your heart. Together, we will retrieve it. However, what you need at this moment is not merely more information; you need to once again breathe the heavenly air. Allow me to initiate you on a journey you are already on, yet have yet to fully experience—the profound potential of the spiraling breath of life. Through guided meditations, your own human spirit will illuminate uncharted territories, unveiling the issues of your soul, reaching back to the dawn of time, which require restoration for you to catch the winds that will carry your ship—your life—to your paradise—your life's purpose.

Guided Meditation (prayer): Transform and fill your life with Chay forever

These guided mediation video sessions are based on the book “Ten Words that Will Change Your Chay,” a revelation derived from the Hebrew text in Genesis 2:7 – when man is created, that resonates with our inner being. You will meditate into 10 different underlying things held within, such as your formation, hopes, substance, anchoring, growth, maturity, rest, perception, provision, and realization of your inner self into your destiny. At each place, there is something you can find and restore. A significant milestone is to recover a device that will bring back your connection with the spiraling breath of life.

Bonus 1: Video scripts that will help you guide other people into the new spiritual territories that you will discover. 

Bonus 2:  11 tracks of 528Hz meditation music based on Hebrew Gematria as an extra resource for encouraging DNA healing and helping you relax with its Fibonnacy musical patterns.    

Go to the Next Level

 A revolutionary method that speaks directly to your human spirit giving access to deep areas of the mind, soul, and body.

 You will get the right atmosphere and questions for you to explore ten fundamentals areas of your life.  One of those areas is your heart.

   A step-by-step meditation video and guide that walks you through unseen areas within you.

  A specific set of questions will activate meditation processes of who you,  and what you have, and what you will do in life.

  You get a plan to remove,  clean, and repair which will position you to have the necessary spiritual economy to recover a device that functions with the spiraling living breath of God.


I have worked on the Chay Life method before, and we have identified many things in my life. But when I began to do this recorded guide, my spirit instantly took me to see myself returning to my mother's womb with the conscience that I have today, and I only said I forgive you, I forgive you….it was something magical and healing.

D. E. , Mentor

" I am familiar with several inner healing methods and have worked with many on myself and others. I must admit, I was skeptical at first, simply because this concept of ten chambers was a new paradigm for me… having worked through so many past issues already, I have to say, the speed with which the Lord altered this critical life-fact from an inferior position to a major upgrade in my internal territory is the most amazing thing! …"

RL. Knapp

Meditation Activation


This guided meditation of 11 video modules will help activate your access to different dimensions of your inner self. Each video opens up with an invitation to your human spirit to impress and evaluate the condition of specif chambers of your life. Then there are a few questions that will guide you to make the best prayers to dislodge any obstructions. The last part of each video helps you restore your dimension to its correct design. 

Dimension 1.  You will be guided to know your shape.  You will see things you should open others you should close. (Preconception, conception and birth)

Dimension 2. You will work in the dimension where your hopes are, releasing those you need to let go and bring in those that will take you into your future.

Dimension 3. You will discover your substance and find how perfectly made you are. You will be able to remove negative resonances from your DNA.

Dimension 4. You will be able to restore or build your room of love if it is not there. That is your secret place of refuge.

Dimension 5. This infinite space will be discovered and cleaned. From here, you get the strength and inspiration to go to the next level.  

Dimension 6. It is at this place you will recover any missing blessing from your father. Here is where you will be able to spiritually mature once you fill this area with breath.

Dimension 7. In this place of the spiritual heart you will find your spiral breathing device and breath the breath of life. 

Dimension 8.  You will be finding yourself, who you are, and who you are meant to be.

Dimension 9. You will find the provision you have to achieve your destiny.


Dimension 10. You will enjoy your own being and be ready to walk into your full potential.

Main Dimension: You will have discovered the different dimensions in which you live simultaneously. And you will have taken your first step to live your lives in fullness forever.

Bonus 1: 528 Hz music

For a more relaxing experience and holistic healing, the video sessions include 11 tracks of an instrumental harp with unique tuning and composition based on Hebraic Gematria.

"The harp's vibrations penetrate body tissues at the cellular level to facilitate healing to our entire being. May these unique melodies support you in a cradle of calming therapeutic sound as they wash over you in gentle healing waves. As the frequency of life pours in your spirit, soul, and body, may these unique compositions inspire the miraculous and encourage positive change and healing." Steve Rees

These instrumental harp compositions are tuned to equal 444 Hz, with C equaling 528 Hz, for an even more excellent opportunity for healing all your being. Scientists have proved the 528 Hz frequency to repair DNA; it brings the separated strands back to their helix formation.

Bonus 2: Download Guide

Each video module comes with an extra resource to do the meditations without the visuals but with the background music track. Provided is a file to download with the meditation script in the proper order of steps to take and the questions that will activate your spirit. This printable will help you meditate with others and create your questions as you get acquainted with each dimension your spirit visits. 

Hello, I'm Rodrigo Arteaga, your dedicated guide. Currently based in Madrid, Spain, I am thrilled to assist you on your journey. With my expertise and passion for spirituality, I have authored three compelling books that explore a range of captivating topics. One of my works delves into the profound spiritual significance of threshing floors in agriculture, while another sheds light on the intriguing realm of EMFs. Additionally, I have delved into the transformative power of inner healing through the exploration of Hebrew words.

Throughout my personal journey, I have encountered and triumphed over challenges such as CMS and RA syndromes, drawing upon my spiritual gifts and timeless principles. Building upon my background in graphic arts, I bring a unique perspective to our exploration, providing you with a mesmerizing sketch of our inner selves. Together, we can initiate a transformative journey towards self-discovery and inner fulfillment.

I see you with a map entering new series of revelations where few have entered. Rodrigo will open a path to places that no one has made trails. People will say What!? But when they enter, they will say, wow, indeed God is here. You will go left and right,  enter here and enter there, and ask this and ask that bringing people here… It is not about a teaching, but a series of revelations.

Manuel de la Torre 6/2018, Seer, Director, Puntas de Lanzas Internacional

Your gentleness is a real strength..., I really love how you introduce logical questions to get answers ..., let's just ask either the Holy Spirit or the human spirit!  When I read or listen to you …, the thing that is most impressive is the skill/ability to simply ask and hear (or see) a response. And yet,  so many do not pursue this fundamental, instead of being content to learn information without the experience to go with it.

R. Phillips, IT Consultant

You and your family that you have formed are called to bless and bear fruit where they are ... you have much fruits as perseverance and courage ... wisdom and discernment to minister to a community.. you have patience and love to listen, understanding, and advise. Thank God for so much fruit that you bear and that we and surely many more have been able to enjoy. 

Belen B., CEO, Isha Clothes & Fashion

Meditation & Prayer Guide Value

This extraordinary journey transcends the ordinary and is guided by a remarkable spiritual revelation—a map that leads us through the deepest realms of our subconscious and unconscious. Together, we will harness the immense power of your spirit, enabling you to explore the profound dimensions of your being. This transformative expedition encompasses ten crucial aspects of our existence: formation, desires, substance, anchoring, growth, maturity, rest, perception, provision, and the realization of our innermost self. Through this voyage, we will unlock the door to your ultimate destiny.


Chay Video Guided Prayer Session

11 Video Meditations
528 Hz Background Tracks
A step-by-step meditation guide
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I have done more than 200 live sessions of this type with the human spirit that led to dozens of successful experiences and transformations. My wife and I have been working in inner healing for several years now with people of different countries. 

It's not a training course, but if you are highly sensitive to your own inner self and the spiritual realms around you or are trained in inner healing, these video sessions are for you.

One significant advantage is that you can play the session repeatedly and have multiple experiences at each given session. Another advantage is that you will be able to go through each video at your pace by pausing the video as often as necessary.  The Hebrew words will resonate powerfully to your human spirit on a live session or a recorded session.

They are both, you meditate first on what your own spirit shows you, and then you submit the things you need to change to God.

Yes. Unless you do not take your time to hear what your spirit is telling you or do not release to God the things your spirit shows you, these sessions will only be a relaxing time of blessings for your life, and you might miss the transformational power of them. They do require your engagement during and after the sessions.

It is a revelation in the sense that something concealed is now understood. We discovered that Genesis 2:7 is a living text that acts as a map for our human spirit to heal deep areas within. 

They are not for someone that does not hear their internal voice and does not have a life of meditation or prayer. These are also not for people who do not want a change in their spiritual life and are unwilling to make the necessary personal investment in a change. They are not for people who do not believe in a powerful God that is also interested in their well-being.  This is not for people who walk in a VICTIM MENTALITY, but who walk in certain dominion over their life and have been pressing on for a breakthrough. 

Invitation by Rodrigo to walk into the first door of the Chay Dimensions.