How to pray with the Human Spirit

A course step-by-step course that will help you work with your human spirit to diagnose and treat spiritual issues in you life.


1 Corinthians 2:11

Your spirit is like a lamp that will shine into your inner self and will guide you to discover the things that may be blocking your personal growth (Pro. 20:27). The breath of the Almighty brings understanding to your spirit (Job 32:8). Wouldn't you want then to connect with your human spirit?  


Deal with issues quickly and effectively.

Prevent things from happening by diagnosing them on time.

Get the unnecessary emotional and spiritual weight off yourself.

Help other people to find their problems faster than ever before .


The course will help you take the first steps to connect with your human spirit so that you can solve together the issues that affect your life. You will become aware of your human spirit, experience your human spirit, and practice how to make your human spirit grow. You will also be able to help other people connect with their own human spirit.


Includes videos, audios, documents, exercises, sharing forum, prayer examples, and practice quizzes.

  • Across 6 lessons, you will learn to interact with your spirit: 
  • You will have a quick start lesson to connect with your spirit.
  • You will have simple questions you can ask your spirit.
  • You will know what to do when you get feedback from your spirit.
  • You will know what questions to ask when detailed visions happen.
  • You will learn what to do when unexpected issues happen. 


It is for people who want an accelerated healing process for them and for those next to them.

  • When you want to find the root issue behind a problem that continues to repeat itself.
  • When you think there is a better diagnosis and treatment for a spiritual problem.
  • When there is a need and desire to be aware of your options for more freedom.
  • When you want to heal yourself before training yourself in inner healing.
  • When you wish to have someone partnering you in your personal growth process.

Who is teaching the course

Hi, my name is Rodrigo Arteaga, founder of ministry and your teacher for the course “Working with the Human Spirit in Inner Healing.” Ten years of research in deliverance and inner healing had proved to give fruit when my wife healed from Rheumatoid Arthritis as a result of working with the human spirit. I have worked as a prayer minister for a few years now, interacting with clients from different continents. My services have always been using the method taught in this course. They have proved to be time effective and to the point. Engaging with the human spirit has also led me to publish my latest book “Ten Words that Will Change Your Chay”. Without the help of the human spirit this book would not have been possible. One of my favorite hobbies is making simple but rich graphs of complicated and ignored spiritual dynamics—probably one reason I studied graphic design. Making myself understood with clarity is one of my priorities. And I hope you find this true in the following course.

Frequently Asked Questions

This online course is completely self-directed, so you can go at your own pace. You decide when you start and when you finish. If you want to dive into everything right now, you can. If you want to learn bit-by-bit, you can do that too. Your access to the course will last 3 months after your subscription. The time during you will profit from interaction with other students.  

The course materials include VIDEO lessons with PowerPoint slides for you to watch and listen to, written summaries, a prayer example you can download, practice quizzes, and a forum to read and share experiences about the human spirit.

Depends on how soon you get together with someone and put the course into practice. The more you pray the easier it will be for you to know your spirit is talking.

No problem. Send me an email at

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