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Introduction to the Chay Prayer Model

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The Chay Revelation

Words as portals to supernatural dimensions

We never thought that Hebrew words found in the Torah could literally be portals to spiritual places. Even less did we know that our mental faculties could receive feedback from our human spirits when they would resonate with these dimensional places. Hebrew words are like fractal shapes that connect us to unknown worlds. They are the real sacred geometry that truly become instruments for experiencing life's living source, also known as life's source energy.

The author of the Book of Hebrews prompts us that, "For the word of God is living and effective and sharper than any double-edged sword, penetrating as far as the separation of soul and spirit, joints and marrow. It can judge the ideas and thoughts of the heart." Living? Effective? Sharper? The ancient sacred words of the Book may deliver us where it is easier to decide what is what within our self.  They can display and arbitrate the different things happening on each of our parts of our human makeup. We have found this to be valid as our human spirit scouts inside of us.

We have been able to confirm, through distinct Seers (someone who sees in the spirit realm), one time after another, that the Hebrew words we use provide access to places that bring forth memories of things that are part of our own life.

We can attest that particular words of the Tanak (Old Testament) have the living power to present thoughts of the mind and the heart to an incredible exactness. The marvelous thing is that they lead to a spiritual heart where life's energy source is found. Amazingly that is not all; the journey through the Ten Dimensions of our Chay (life) helps us know about our true identity and wealth. The Chay revelation uses Hebrew words as a language for the human spirit to discover what we hide from our hearts, soul, body, and mind that may be stopping our ship from catching the winds of life into our birthright lands.

Can you imagine walking through the steps of the earlier years of your life as if you were walking through the 5 books of the Torah? The Chay prayer works like that. Each dimension your spirit brings forth is parallel to the Hebrew tribes' journey as they entered their birthright into the promised.

Spiraling Energy

After Moses' death, Joshua was encouraged to enter the promised land bravely, and while this happened, the hearts of the kings who inhabited Canaan melted as they heard that the nation of Israel had crossed the Jordan. Their first victory was a city that was in lockdown, Jericho, which represents in our metaphor a heart living in fear.

Their conquest of Jericho happened through a series of mighty prophetic acts blowing into twisted ram horn trumpets that resembled the spirals of creation: the same spiraling energy that moves stars such as the Pinwheel Galaxy brought down the walls of Jericho. This energy is the same life source energy that the Chay prayer model recovers in a parallel universe within us called Aph. Aph is a little portion of heaven within us. A place to experience the breath and rest we need before walking in our destiny.  

2021 : Breathing Courage into your Hearts

The 2020 year has been one of the most challenging years the world lived through. Yeshua, as did Joshua, spoke about the courage needed to conquer times like these, "And because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will become cold." Mathew 24:12, NASB. Did you wonder how does the heart get cold? The Greek word for becoming cold is Psuchó which means a cold breeze. (Old Spanish bibles write that people will catch a cold -resfriado :o).  We see here the connection between air and heart (think in terms of breath and lack of air in the blood). Fear, too, comes into play here as hearts get cold. Fear is the opposite of love, not hate, so a cold heart is a fearing heart - a breathless and discouraged heart. This is important because the Chay Revelation, supernaturally downloaded in this period,  will help you get the warmth of life's source energy (Qi).  It is about the breath of God back into your heart as it happened in Genesis 2:7 in the creation of Adam.  Note: the Hebrew word for nostrils is Aph, which is a keyword to access our inner dimension of the heart.

With this insightful summary above, I want to invite you to my one-hour Chay Revelation masterclass. 

Wells of Wealth and Purpose

Introduction to the Chay Prayer Model

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